Welcome to our immersive nightclub MASON ST.ONE, located on Taganskaya Square.

The address represents the concept of the place: Bolshie Kamenshchiki, 1 ( Eng. "Mason Street, One"), it delicately emphasizes its affiliation with the most prestigious district of the capital. After all Taganka is known to have always been shrouded in historical mysteries together with the creative power of numerous theaters and sights.
The club has a truly mysterious and unique atmosphere that makes you fall in love with luxurious English-style interiors, skillful lighting, high-quality musical performances from the best artists of electronic culture and an exciting immersive show.
MASON ST.ONE is famous for its exclusive bar list with a large selection of signature cocktails and rare alcohol, professional hookah masters and cigar zones. The club's humidor holds dozens of cigars from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.
You can get inside only if you are in the guest list or you have a VIP reservstion, which guarantees the elitism of the public and special energy.

Every night at MASON ST.ONE is a unique symbiosis of the contemporary art, music and theatre, leaving a lingering aftertaste that beckons you to come back again and again.
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